Wynn Resorts Case Study

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Wynn Resorts, Ltd. is one of the leading names in casinos and resorts. It is distinguished from its competitors because only Wynn Resorts offers high class service and it offers the most luxurious experience to its customers. The man behind the success of Wynn Resorts, Ltd. is Mr. Stephen Wynn, the CEO.

Wynn Resorts, Ltd. owns and operates Wynn Las Vegas and Wynn Macau. Wynn is currently considering plans of expansions in Coati and even here in the Philippines.

Wynn is relatively smaller in structure than its competitors but its world class service and uncomparable ambiance are what it sets apart from its competitors. Wynn also offers lavish spas, fine dinning, private entry villas, suites and high end retail shops.


Although Wynn Resorts, Ltd. is very stable there are many loop holes that have been identified. First, the clear dependence of Wynn Resorts to its CEO, Stephen Wynn is a major problem for Mr. Wynn “runs” the business and without him Wynn Resorts might just fall down. If something would happen to Mr. Wynn then the company might lose its focus and stability because no one who is equally competitive and most expert in the field of casinos is ready to take place and run the company. In the long run, if this continous to happen then Wynn Resorts might just end up merging with other hotel and casinos or might just be sold to its competitors such as MGM, Inc.

Second problem that has been identified is that Wynn Resorts, Ltd. focuses solely its service to the people who belong in the upper class in the society. Wynn is losing its chance to serve the people middle class. Considering the large number of population in the middle class, Wynn could generate more income from them if they could have offered a more inexpensive room rates and hotel packages. Because of their too high prices, then Wynn's customers are very limited and selected that only those who can afford their rates can avail of the services they offer.

Third, Wynn Macau is faced with a serious problem. In 2017, the government of Macau reserves the right to take control of its operations. If Wynn Macau contributes a major profit in the Wynn Resorts, Ltd. as a whole, then it would be greatly affected if the take over would take place. Wynn Resorts might be losing profits due to the take over thus, they must make sure that the survival of the company is not dependent on Wynn Macau.


Wynn Resorts, Ltd should apply the SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis can help Wynn to identify its internal strengths which they can use to further strengthen its business foundation. Also by identifying its weaknesses then they can analize and identify the reason why such weaknesses exist in their company.

Wynn Resorts, Ltd. should consider improvements in the Human Resource department. Having skilled and well trained employees would make its operations more effective. Also, In case they would lose its major asset, Stephen Wynn, then they will not have a hard time coping up because their employees from the lowest up to the highest rank have suffiecient trainings and can do their work with less supervision.

Porters 5- Forces of Attentiveness in which different dimensions of the organization can be identified.



|STRENGTHS |WEAKNESSES | | | | |Wynn Resorts are inclined at giving its customers high class service |Stephen Wynn, being one of the greatest operational strength of Wynn | |and luxurious experience in its hotel and casino. It is the quality |Resorts can also be its greatest weakness. The company's significant | |of high class service that Wynn Resorts is very famous for. People...
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