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Demonstrate working in team as a leader and member towards specific goals, dealing with any conflict or difficult situations (LO 3.2) Here in this point of view basically shall identify that Development Stages. (Tuckman). There are; 1 Forming

2 Storming
3 Norming
4 Performing
Forming: -
There are several team building tasks can be identify regarding this stage. Define team.
Determine individual roles.
Develop trust and communication.
Develop norms/ ethics.
Define problem and strategy.
Identify information needed.
Storming: -
This stage indicate that the decision making system should be established the power struggling will be exits. During this stage team members; Realize that the task is more difficult than they imagined.

May be resistant to the task.
Have poor collaboration.
Norming: -
During this stage team members accept:
Their team,
Team rules and procedures,
Their roles in the team,
The individually of fellow members,
Performing: -
The leader and the team members want to focus upon relative goals. Team members should have; Gained insight into personal and team processes.
A better understanding of each other.
Developed a close attachment to the team.
When looking at the above mentioned facts, it is clearly exhibit that leader and member have been understood their aims and objectives on their commitment and unity has grown and it became stronger day by day. In order to leader and members should identification of communication styles, willing, capacity, contribution and working styles of people etc. On the other way when looking at this this point, firstly shall identify “how to be a good team leader and a member” or “impact of a leader and member”. If all are working effectively in a team, that team can be achieved their goals very successfully and then there are not any conflict or difficulties. So then shall identifying how to dealing with others as a good team leader or a member. The following facts clearly demonstrate it. Do...
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