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Executive summary:
Human resource has to work with the employees and the employers. They coordinate the activities of the employees. They recruit new employees when needed. Every institution needed to appoint new employees in the organization. The organization has to follow proper recruitment, selection, and retention procedures to employ the appropriate employees. City link, a leading delivery company of UK, needs some new fresh employees to recruit and appoint in their organization. There are some different leadership techniques. It has to follow the best to overcome the challenges of working outside of UK. The organization has to build up proper team management to work efficiently in the context. The organization also provide training facilities to develop the individuals of the organization. Introduction

Working with leading people is an important topic for all business students. This topic teaches how to lead effectively. In this assignment we apply our knowledge gained from this unit on City link a world class delivery company. City link is the UK`s leading delivery organization that successfully operate in UK and over the world from 1969. It makes annual revenue over £320m which makes City link the market leader of this field (City Link, 2014). We talk about the city link`s recruitment, selection and retention procedure and about its working culture. 1. Using recruitment, selection, and retention procedure Human resource is a key factor of every organization. The successes of every organization depend on skilled, innovative, creative and committed labour force. So every organization pays their attention on their human resource or work force (Bell, 2014). As all organization like to get skilled, innovative and creative labour force, the recruitment, selection and retention process is very important for every organization. The recruitment of new member require different document, needs to obey different statutory law, go beyond a sequential process of selection, etc. Mainly the recruitment, selection and retention procedures are the tasks of human resource department of an organization (Fallery, 2011). The human resource department of an organization prepare required document to select new member, take part in selection process by obeying various rules and regulation (Dessler, 2011). This part of the assignment discuss about the document need for selection and recruitment of new member of staff, the impact of legal regulatory and ethical consideration to the recruitment and selection process, the procedure of taking part in selection process and our own contribution to the selection process of City link. 1.1 Documentation to select and recruit a new member of staff City link identify the haring need of 5 new employees, 33 drivers and 2 new administrators. The human resource department of City link needs to prepare the following document for the selection and recruitment of new member of staff. Approval of recruitment

The recruitment process is started with the approval of recruitment from the authority of the organization. The concern departments of the organization who need new employees send a draft with position description and a document that describe the required skill and education for the post. After approving the draft the authority of city link send it to human resource department of city link. The recruitment and selection process of city link will not be started until the authority of City link give the approval of recruitment request of concern department to human resource department. The approval must include the electronic copy of the draft description and advertisement (Arama, 2013). Position description

Before giving the advertisement, city must require to describe the position for which it going to recruit new member. Position description is a necessary for every organization because the organization cannot change the position of the post after it is advertised. The position...

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