WWI was not how it was expected

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WWI was not what Australians initially expected Year 9 essay Jallal Khaled In 1914 when WW1 broke out due to England declaring war on Germany because of several causes, many Australian men enlisted, wanting to support their mother country, England. As these ANZACs trained to prepare for the war, they had no idea what they would expect but they soon found out it was horrific experience which wasted thousands of lives. Attitudes to the war

At the beginning of the war, everyone, including the British had the naive thought that the war will be over by Christmas and that they’ll be great heroes in the country. (Refer to source 1) Source 1 is a photograph of men queuing outside a recruiting office in Melbourne 1916. The source shows that Australian men were very enthusiastic about being part of the war because they thought that the war would be over before they have a chance to be a part of it. They would be known as heroes of the country, so why not? Before the war started, those that don’t fight were known as cowards. The desire to avoid the disapproval of peers and young women grew; some women showed their disapproval of men who were not in uniform by giving them a white feather, a symbol of cowardice. (Refer to source 2) Source 2 is a photograph of a young woman giving a white feather to a man as a sign of cowardice. The term “white feather” came from cock-fighting. Some game birds had white feathers in their tail, and so to show the white feather was to turn tail. “Showing the white feather” was a term used for human cowardice throughout the nineteenth century.  At the beginning of the war, everyone, including the British thought that the war will bring us a small amount of casualties. Since everyone thought that Sources:

Source 1:
Source 2:
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