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Why did Italy and Germany invade other nations?
[Time period: World War 2 1936-1940]

This is the historical background of the invasion of Italy and Germany

In July 1936, a civil war broke out in Spain between the Republicans and the Nationalists lead by the army General Franco. The group of Republicans got support from many people throughout Europe. The Russian ruler - Stalin sent supported his volunteered in order not to offend the League of Nations. The purpose was to express that the Republicans in the eyes of many Europeans as Stalin and the communist

It tended to express that the Republicans in the eyes of many Europeans as Stalin and the communist regime in Russia still terrified many people. Mussolini and Hitler sent support and volunteer workers to Franco.

Some Italians who had moved abroad during the time period of Mussolini’s power formed the Garibaldi Brigade. At the Battle of Guadalajara, Italians fought Italians. The Republicans won the battle. Mussolini was afraid that his volunteers had been beaten but blamed the Garibaldi Brigade. Three months after

the defeat at Guadalajara, the leader of the Garibaldi Brigade, Carlos Roselli, was found murdered. Mussolini’s secret agents had done this.

In September 1937, Mussolini visited Germany. Hitler put a pressure on the military power for Mussolini and Mussolini finally was convinced that Germany was the power he should ally with. He assured that an alliance with Germany would lead to Italy becoming more powerful throughout Europe. As Germany left the League of Nations in 1933, Mussolini also left the League of Nations in 1937.

In 1938, Germany occupied Austria in the Anschluss which was forbidden by Versailles. Hitler did not forewarn Mussolini about what he was going to do and this upset Mussolini’s belief that he was an equal partner. However, there was nothing Mussolini could do about the Nazi occupation of Austria. Hitler’s invasion of Czechoslovakia in March...
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