Ww1 - What Alliance Was the Strongest

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Which Alliance is the Strongest?
There are two main alliances in Europe. The Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance; the Triple Entente is the military alliance between Great Britain, France, and Russia. The Triple Alliance is the military alliance between Germany, Austria–Hungary, and Italy. The triple entente is the strongest alliance because I feel they were more equipped in combat even though they have smaller amount of men, this is because Germany only had the larger army whereas the other members of the alliance are not as well equipped with men and armour. Another factor to do with armoury is the number of warship and submarines as the triple entente have quadrupled the amount of submarine and another 50 war ship. This would be an important because you would need a lot of boats and submarine for transport to and from Britain. Also the triple alliance is cushioned between France, Serbia and Russia, which makes the country more vulnerable as if war broke out it made the country more accessible and easy to attack due to the position of the country itself. This also made it near impossible to flee the country as there was nowhere to escape your country, as they were cushioned between the neighbouring enemies. Britain at the time had the largest and most successful naval force in the world which was a very useful resource as Britain was its own island so this was the only way you could easily get from Europe to Britain. This was one of the ways Britain could attack the enemy knowing they had a strong navy which they could use to their own advantage. Triple entente did occupy most of the seas which was the main source of transport at the time so for England and France travelling from to and throw was easier than ever Britain also had the largest empire in the world spreading from Africa to Asia to America and Australia which could offer strong and moral support if a war did break out. The countries would also have a lot of money and resources they could give...
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