WW1: Role of Technology, Women and Minority Soldiers

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Sierra henry
Option 2
How did the new technologies of WWI affect soldiers fighting on the front lines? Please include at least three examples of new technologies in your answer.
Chemical warfare is one example of new technology. World War 1 was the beginning of chemical warfare. Gas masks were used to protect soldiers from poisonous gasses such as chlorine and mustard gas. These gasses could burn, blind, or even kill anyone who came in contact with them. Artillery is another example. WW1 introduced many new automatic weapons including machine guns and automatic rifles. Lastly Barbed wire was another example which is also used today for protection. Barbed wire was first created by a farmer on Illinois in 1874. Its original purpose was to control his flocks; however during the beginning of the First World War, it was used to slow down enemy soldiers by blo9cking the trenches.

How did women get involved in the war effort abroad? Please include at least two examples in your answer.
One example of women involved with war efforts was the nurse corps. The U.S. army and Navy Nursing corps admitted around 21,000 females to serve overseas. An additional 13,000 filled clerical jobs during the war. Another example is the Signal Corps. The Army Signal corps was generally a male driven job. During WW1, around 200 females enlisted in the signal corps and worked as the telephone operators.

How was the war experience of a minority soldier different from that of a white soldier? Please include at least three examples in your response. The first example is segregation. Many African Americans wanted to serve but were turned down because of their race. Because of this, the ones that got enlisted were treated like they were second-class citizens. The second example is Roles. Since minority soldiers were treated like second-class citizens, they were also given “less important” jobs. One job that they did was digging the trenches. Although the white citizens thought this

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