Wuthering Heights Summary Volume 1

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Wuthering heights summary

Volume 1 chapter 1 :
• It is the year 1801. While staying in Yorkshire, Mr Lockwood pays his landlord Heathcliff , a somewhat unwelcome visit in order to introduce himself. • We are introduced to Lockwood, Heathcliff , heathcliff's servant Joseph and a female servant. • The property Wuthering Heights is described.

Volume 1 Chapter 2:
• Lockwood repeats his visit to the Heights and meets Hareton and Cathy Heathcliff. • Lockwood mistakes a heap of dead rabbits for a cushion full of cats, revealing him as an unreliable observer who sees only what he expects to see. • He also antagonises Hareton by trying to guess at the family relationships and in the end Heathcliff is obliged to explain that both his wife and his son are dead and that Cathy is his daughter in law. • because of a blizzard , Lockwood is forced to spend the night as a guest at the heights.

Volume 1 Chapter 3:
• zillah , the housekeeper at Wuthering Heights , shows Lockwood to a room at the top of the house which she confides , is both secret and forbidden. • The room is covered with the name " Catherine " in different forms; Catherine Earnshaw, Catherine Linton and Catherine Heathcliff. • Lockwood has two dreams the second of which he encounters the ghost of Catherine. • Lockwood cries out to Catherine's ghost, waking Heathcliff and causing him great distress. • Lockwood unknown to Heathcliff sees him cry out to the ghost of Catherine. • The next morning Heathcliff guides Lockwood back to the Grange , to which he returns disorientated and 'feeble as a kitten'.

Volume 1 Chapter 4:
• While recovering from his trip to the Heights, Lockwood engages his housekeeper Nelly Dean , to tell him a story of the inhabitants of Wuthering Heights. • We learn that Cathy Heathcliff is the last of the Lintons, just as Hareton is the last of the Earnshaws. • Nelly hints that Heathcliff cheated Hareton out of his rightful inheritance. • Nelly Dean takes over the narration at this point and we learn something of Heathcliff's history : how he was rescued from a port in Liverpool by Mr Earnshaw, his growing friendship with Catherine and his feud with her brother Hindley. • Two years later Mrs Earnshaw dies and the children all fall sick with the measles. This endears Heathcliff to Nelly Dean , as he is least complaining, unlike Hindley and Catherine. • The chapter closes with the incident of the two colts. Heathcliff takes the best and when his falls lame , takes Hindley's.

Volume 1 Chapter 5
• Nelly Dean recounts how the family relationships develop in divise ways as Mr Earnshaw's health fails. • Hindley continues to bully Heathcliff and humiliate him. Hindley is eventually sent away to college on the advice of a curate who is offering the family private tuition. Mr Earnshaw agrees reluctantly as he does not believe that Hindley will benefit from college. • We are given our first sustained description of Catherine. • Mr Earnshaw dies quietly one October evening. Both Catherine and Heathcliff are utterly distraught and comfort each other.

Volume 1 chapter 6
• Following the death of his father, Hindley returns as the master of the Heights, with a wife , Frances, who is described as poor, ill and silly. • As the new master , Hindley finds vent for all his old hatred of Heathcliff. He denies him an education , insists that he should labour outdoors and makes him live with the servants. • Despite Hindley's endeavours , Heathcliff and Catherine remain inseparable and wild. • We have our first introduction to Edgar and Isabella Linton, who live in the neighbouring house, Thrushcross Grange. • Catherine is hurt on one of her escapades with Heathcliff, and is obliged to remain at Thrushcross Grange until she is considered well enough to return to the heights.

Volume 1 Chapter 7:
• Catherine returns from her five week stay at Thrushcross Grange and transformed into a lady. • Heathcliff has been systematically debased by Hindley during this...
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