Wuthering Heights Quote Analysis

Topics: Wuthering Heights, Emotion, Emily Brontë Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: October 30, 2012
Wuthering Heights

“She flung the tea back, spoon and all, and resumed her chair in a pet; her forehead corrugated, and her red under lip pushed out, like a child’s ready to cry.” P. 12This passage has sensory details describing young Mrs. Heathcliff. “Chair in a pet” is referred to as a sulky mood. The author, Emily Bronte, used diction that included metaphors and similes to describe details in the story. While referring to characters and moods in this story, Bronte used quite a bit of comparison so we know what they specifically look like instead of creating the image in our head for ourselves. I believe Bronte wanted to portray a certain mood by doing this. She wanted to make sure we know the details well so we could feel every emotion that she felt while writing this. "Doubtless Catherine marked the difference between her friends, as one came in and the other went out. The contrast resembled what you see in exchanging a bleak, hilly, coal country for a beautiful fertile valley.” P. 63 I learned more about Catherine later on in the book than I did in the beginning. This paragraph has character development. Catherine had an adventurous, fun-loving side that she was with Heathcliff but she also had a different relationship with Edgar who was wealthy. Edgar and Heathcliff did not get along and when Catherine decided to marry Edgar, it broke Heathcliff’s heart. At that point we learn that Catherine had an unruly side. This passage explains how Catherine compared Heathcliff to Edgar and regardless of their hatred towards each other; she continued to see both of them. She was a stubborn woman. She was almost like a different person with both of them. “He muttered detached words also; the only one I could catch was the name of Catherine, coupled with some wild term of endearment or suffering.” P. 321 I believe that the moral of this book is that vengeance is empty. Seeking revenge will not make you happy in the end. You might even end up feeling guilty. This is...
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