Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights
Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights is a novel full of controversial topics such as love, revenge, and betrayal. Bronte wrote the novel in the form of framed narration, meaning there is a story within a story throughout the novel. Lockwood himself writes a diary in which the reader follows him, a tenant of Mr. Heathcliff’s, through his encounter with his new landlord as well as his past. Lockwood inquires about the on goings of the moors he now lives on and asks Nelly to help him to understand what is going on through a detailed series of her firsthand events. The various points of view from each of the narrators provides detailed context but along with that there is still the question of the actual reliability each character provides to the story. Lockwood gives a fresh perspective of the happenings of Wuthering Heights. The readers encounter some characters, for example, Heathcliff, for the first time along with Lockwood. This allows the reader to have a somewhat objective judgment because it is the same way that Heathcliff would treat any visitor. This behavior, such as when young Cathy asks, “Were you asked to tea?” (Bronte 7) and refuses to give Lockwood any accommodations, is easy for the reader to understand because of the universality of the situation, even towards the reader himself. Lockwood makes the story very relatable but he still has personal opinions toward the characters. He sees all the inhabitants of Wuthering Heights as unwelcoming and as undesirable company. Lockwood also makes judgments of Nelly, whom he asks to reiterate the tale of the moors. Lockwood judges Nelly in a much more positive light than that of the inhabitants of Wuthering Heights, including Heathcliff. Lockwood sees Nelly as a trustworthy figure that is able to tell an honest testimony of the turn of events involving Heathcliff and the others that live with him. His rising curiosity is satisfied when Nelly takes him back years in time to when Heathcliff...
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