Wuthering Heights

Topics: Wuthering Heights, Catherine Earnshaw, Heathcliff Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Wuthering Heights: First Half Summary

During the 1800's. Mr. Lockwood, a rich, man rented Thrushcross Grange in north England for peace and recuperation. Soon after he visits his landlord Mr. Heathcliff, the protagonist. While visiting, Mr. Lockwood spends the night at Wuthering Heights, due to a snow storm. Mr. Lockwood is brought to an unused room, where he finds "Catherine Linton" and "Catherine Heathcliff" written on the ledge of the window. (P. 15) Frightened after seeing the ghost of Catherine, Mr. Lockwood heads off to Thrushcross Grange the day after and meets the housekeeper, Ellen Dean, whom Mr. Lockwood asks to tell the story of the Heights. The story takes place thirty years before the Earnshaw family, consisting of Mister and Misses Earnshaw, fourteen year old Hindley, and six year old Catherine. (The same girl whom Mr. Lockwood had a ghostly encounter with) Mr. Earnshaw travels to Liverpool and finds a poor and homeless boy, who he named Heathcliff. Hindley Earnshaw despises Heathcliff because Mr. Earnshaw becomes affectionate towards Heathcliff and not Hindley, but Catherine grows very attracted to Heathcliff Hindley returns three years later from collage and discovers the death of Mr. Earnshaw. With a new wife, Hindley becomes the owner of Wuthering Heights and forces Heathcliff to become a servant. One November day, Catherine and Heathcliff make their way to Thrushcross Grange to spy on Edgar and Isabella Linton. A guard dog bites Catherine in the ankle. Edgar and Isabella help Catherine, but shun Heathcliff. Heathcliff dresses up to impress Catherine, but Edgar makes fun of him. Heathcliff vows revenge. The next summer, Hindley's wife gives birth to Hareton. She becomes very sick and dies weeks later, resulting in Hindley becoming alcoholic. Catherine tells Ellen (The Narrator/Housekeeper) that Edgar had told her he loved her and proposed to her. Catherine reveals her secrete, that she doesn't truly love Edgar but Heathcliff....
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