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Topics: Visitor, Tourism, Value added Pages: 3 (838 words) Published: April 16, 2012
Questions :
1. Critique the WtA gap analysis. Could there be other explanations for the gaps ? Critique the WtA Gap Analysis.
WtA Gap Analysis also based on the generally gap analysis. WtA concerns to know their expectation and visitor’s expectation. Let me explain one by one according to WtA Gap analysis. * Awareness of Exhibits

According to WtA Analysis, awareness of exhibits is used 4 tricks they are newspaper, magazine, word of mouth and radio. According to that tricks do not enough to promote WtA Exhibit information. Much better Wta do some another tricks, such as share WtA exhibit pamphlet at strategic area and inform by Exhibit Poster on the strategic street. * Information

WtA first gap concern to the museum management and contact personal. WtA do the right step to inform their service to the customer. Mostly the customers very satisfied of Human Touch system, better the WtA also concern to this step. * Experience

Most of the visitors are interesting of the museum exhibits. They like music performance and every single museum perform and exhibits. Unfortunately not supported by museum staff interaction. Most of them were not sure about experimenting of museum display.

* Visitor habit
Mostly 38 percent of the visitors saw all the exhibits and did not spend time at the others. The museum staff believed that visitors came alone about two and threes only. According to the museum record, the museum might make some the new attraction to attract more and more visitors visit the museum. * Facilities

Mostly visitors give added value to restrooms facilities (cleanliness), café function to get food easily. But sometimes the museum management never occurred of it. * Language
According to museum track record, the museum management inform by Finish and Swedish language. They aware during summer tourist season mostly are Finnish and Swedish. Conclusion
* WtA system result works if we do it for both sides (Customer and...
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