WRSX Strategic development SWOT analysis

Topics: Management, Marketing, Strategic management Pages: 4 (509 words) Published: February 4, 2015
SWOT Analysis – Strengths
Leadership Capability:
Some offices perform well
Corporate Social Responsibility:
Previous surveys have shown high scores for WRSX in terms of its ethical stance and its social profile (its social contribution to the communities in which it trades) Client attraction & retention:

WRSX scores highly on its market research capability and its understanding of market segments and channels. It also scores very highly in terms of its creativity and innovation

SWOT Analysis – Weaknesses
Management of Growth:
WRSX is perceived as just below average in terms of its entrepreneurial capability & management of organic growth Well below average in terms of the way it has managed acquisitions to date Not seen as a global player measured against competitors

Its ownership of trade names and intellectual property rights is below the industry average Management of risk:
Its management of financial risk has dropped below average as a result of a sustained investment in acquisitions in recent years Acquisitions have not been perceived as financially astute
Recent corruption scandal involving Raphael roux has damaged WRSX group’s reputational risk score. The way the business is structured and managed, i.e. local autonomy and a light handed approach by the wrsx group board, results in a low score in terms of management of operational, market and business risk against the industry average. Leadership capability:

Most offices perform badly in terms of management of operations, information management and administration Across the group scores average out at below the industry average. WRSX performs well below the industry average in terms of its strategic leadership capability, its ability to lead and manage change and its ability to attract and retain high quality personnel in key positions in its businesses. Corporate social responsibility:

Low scores for corporate governance (the set...
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