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Topics: United States, Barack Obama, President of the United States Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: February 3, 2014
The last movie i saw was an Indian movie it’s called my name is Khan is about a Indian Muslim who is very intelligent, but he suffers from Autism, his mom explain him that :there are two only kinds of person in the world good people who do good deeds and bad who do bad. He travels to the United States to live with his brother, and after a period within the events of September 11 world upside down, and begins to American society is seen Muslims there as terrorists and killers, comes the turning point tragic in the movie with the killing of Samir son of his wife by a group of Americans students, the crime drama shaking conscience and send a sadness. His wife asked him not to return until he tells everyone that his name is Khan and is not a terrorist , and want him tell also the President of the United States, Khan took the subject seriously, and began a long journey interview U.S. President , he suffered from a series of difficult situations and racism, but in the end he managed everything despite his autism, nothing is impossible because his deep understanding of the meaning and true Islam, the film ends with khan meeting the president Barack Obama , "My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist." khan said I like the idea when he came to U.S even with his disease he managed to get a job ,the thing that we can’t find it in another country ,U.S is the places which everyone could fulfilled his goal, I also like the places he visited such as Washington ,san Francisco Arizona, and Georgia. I don’t like the changes in American’s behavior and culture after the black day 9/11, the Islam phobia and unjustified attacks against innocents Muslims. List:

Fulfilled: feeling happy and satisfied that you are doing something useful with your life Meanwhile: in the period of time between two times or two events Fools: a person who you think behaves or speaks in a way that lacks intelligence or good judgment Mercilessly: showing no kindness or pity
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