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Written Task Lgbt

By tarikmc Dec 15, 2013 869 Words
LGBT is an abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people. The term LGBT is intended to emphasize the diversity of sexual and identity based cultures and is sometimes referred to people that are non- heterosexual. The human rights of the LGBT people are often under pressure. Worldwide the sexual minority are the victims of the violation of human rights. These violations differ from verbal discrimination until imprisoning and torture. Homosexuality is forbidden by law in about 80 countries worldwide. Even the death penalty is the punishment for being gay in some countries. In Europe the LGBT rights are diverse from country to country. Out of 16 countries in the world that have legalised same-sex marriage in the world, 9 are located in Europe and a further 14 fourteen countries have legalised civil unions amongst same sexes. The first country to make same-sex marriage possible by law is also from Europe. The Netherlands did this in 2000, and the first ever marriage amongst a homosexual couple was in Amsterdam on the 1st of April 2001. This was a major breakthrough, and many countries have followed this. The European Union has agreed to the fact that LGBT rights are part of the Universal Human Rights and therefore need to be guaranteed and respected. Hereby follows that countries in the European Union are able to legalise these laws: * The right of free sexuality

* Same-sex marriages
* The right of adoption
* Same rights on the field of labour and housing
* Anti-discrimination law
* Protection against homophobia
* The right of trans sexuality
Still not all these laws are accepted throughout Europe due to religious reasons. In many countries human rights are getting bettered and more respected, also with the LGBT rights. There have been some recent positive developments in Europe on the LGBT rights. France became the ninth and most recent country that is part of the European Union to legalise same-sex marriage in May 2013. The French president François Hollande also signed a new law authorizing adoption by marriage and adoption by homosexual couples. Some other European countries might follow France as bills for same-sex marriage laws have been proposed in Finland, the United Kingdom (Scotland) and Luxembourg. The government of Ireland had held a constitutional convention on the issue of same-sex marriage. Therefore they agreed to plan to hold a referendum in 2014 for same-sex marriage, and hereby adoption rights for gay couples as marriage and adoption rights are legally together under current Irish law. Civil union has already been legal since 2011 in Ireland. A poll held by the Irish Times showed that 75% of the population support the law for same-sex marriage. The Isle of Man has allowed civil partnerships since 2011, as well as Jersey in 2012. Liechtenstein also legalized registered partnership by 68% of voters via a referendum in 2011.

The government of the United Kingdom started a public same-sex marriage consultation in 2012. Their intention was to apply these laws in England and Wales. The bill was signed into law on July 17th 2013. The government of Scotland did the same thing, trying to legalise same-sex marriage by 2014 The TRUTH about sexual orientation

* It is impossible to identify Gay, Lesbian, bisexual or transgender people by certain characteristics or manners * Sexual experiences as a child do not necessarily give indication of one’s sexual orientation * No one knows how one’s sexual orientation is caused

* Most gay people feel comfortable with their sexual orientation; they do not feel as they belong to a different group than heterosexual people. * Homosexuality is not a mental disease that can be “cured or threated” by therapy.

Policy, news and headlines.
If you are interested more in news and the international policy on the issue of LGBT rights? The International Lesbian and Gay association tracks LGBT-related issues in the media on The site contains links to UN press release, news and documents on topics differing from LGBT Rights in Africa to Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention for Women who love Women. Also the site provides articles about world events, such as the World Social Forum, where people can inform each other about movements from around the world and share their issues. Triangle Speakers

Triangle Speakers is non-profit organisation which goal it is to make prejudice, fear and hatred against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people disappear. It’s headquarter is located in the city of Santa Cruz, but now has expanded to Europe with an office in Amsterdam. Amsterdam was chosen because it was the first city where the first legal gay marriage was held. The organisation is a project based on education that wants to create panel discussions at schools and organisations, which consist of local members of the LGBT community who debate in topics and answer questions from the audience regarding LGBT related issues.

Now will follow some more resources that can be accessed on the topic of LGBT rights, related events, news and campaigns. International Gay, Lebsian, Bisexual and Transgender rights commission – International Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender association – International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Youth Organisation –

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