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Topics: Diary, Freedom Writers, 2008 singles Pages: 4 (1331 words) Published: October 20, 2014
This task will be related to Part 1: “Language in cultural context” specified in the topic of “Language and Identity” and how both (language and identity) are related to each other. In order to find the relation, the movie “The Freedom Writers” was studied. This film portrays the achievement of dreams, and how people living in the same place can express their language in different ways depending on their social and cultural history. The task was centered on how language is shaped by a cultural context, represented with a diary entry written from a character from the movie: Ben. He talks about his and his classmates’ experiences with Miss Erin as a teacher and how her life changed together with their own, and how social differences interfere in their social relationship. This diary is separated into different sections according to what he lives every day, talking in present tense. Along the diary there are quotes from the teacher and the students, used to emphasize the main theme of this task: language and culture. Through those quotes the teacher showed code switching, trying to get to know her students by their own language. Ben tells his story his personal point of view and sometimes he compares the teacher’s story to his own. Nowadays this is a big problem for some people who go to different countries and still don’t adapt. That’s why this was a good exercise for better understanding of the problem (cultural/social) and practice better writing. A diary entry was chosen for this task because it is interesting how the point of view from a certain character can change the way a general audience can think about a certain topic. The characteristics of the diary entries were to add different dates to each paragraph and write in first person. *Written task based on the movie “The Freedom Writers”- directed by Richard LaGravenese- year 2007 Rationale words: 300

How my story begins to change
Monday 12:
This is my first diary entry, so I will...
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