Written Communication: Limitation and Essentials

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Communication is the exchange of information between two or more parties. In communication one party transmits message to another using oral/written/hints etc. as medium or any other perceivable means. Communication is inseparably related with human life. Where pulsation of live exists, communication is a must there. From the beginning to the end, human life fully depends on communication. Besides personal life, extensive effect of communication is found in family life, professional life and social life of human being. In the business world necessity of communication is undeniable. Every step of business depends on communication. Basically communication is part and parcel of human activity and growth.

Classification of Communication

Communication is can be broadly classified into two ways categories such as oral communication and written communication. Such oral communication are direct conversation, telephone, skype and other source by which people can use voice to communicate, while written communications are letter, e-mail, reports, notice and manuals etc. Written communication is one of the most used communications of the world. In professional and business world, nearly every communication is done with written communication. Written communication is the presentation of thoughts, ideas, opinions, feelings etc., though words that are meant to be. Actually, messages in written form are known as written communication.


In the figure: Classification of Communication

Written Communication

Written communication is very much useful for all types of business and legal activity. It helps to keep record every transactions and also can be used as references in various need. To make a proper written communication, it needs various essentials. Communicators must have to ensure these essentials to make a proper and clean written communication. There is also some limitation of written communications like expensiveness, sluggishness etc. But these disadvantages are very small in comparison with the usefulness of written communication.

Written communication is the second most widely used communication after oral communication. In spite of some disadvantage, written communication is the best way to do official communication. It is the most preferable way to do business and legal activity. So, clean and clear written communication is very much needed for proper communication.

Limitation of written communication

Written communication is not always the best choice for business, academic or personal communication although it has several advantages over oral communication because written communication also has several limitations as well. So mode of communication needs to be determined depending on the situation. Some of the obvious limitations of written communication are described below:

Lack of Instant Feedback:

Written communication does not allow for instant feedback. Impressions and reactions are exchanged instantaneously in oral communication but in written communication the sender does not usually receive immediate feedback to his or her message. In addition the message sent through written communication cannot be immediately meet an audience's needs, clarify a question or found out if any miscommunication occurs. As a result frustration and uncertainty in business situations may arise when a swift response is desired. Lack of Direct Relation:

Written communication is less personal than oral communication because in maximum cases parties involved in written communication do not meet each other. Consequently personal relationship does not grow between them. So communicating through writing or email is less effective than in-person communication at building personal relationships. Moreover written communication is not effective for sending any kind of emotional message. So important messages, such as getting a promotion or being fired should be communicated in person. Possibility of...
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