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Cover Letter Assignment #5
My medium of choice, a blog, works well with my specific. The message in my blog is to talk about move in day and what obstacles I faced. My purpose was simply for entertainment use and maybe a little informational on how move in day worked for me. The blog really made the entertainment aspect very effective because usually a blog is read for entertainment and to read about interesting stories. Also, the blog allowed me to add pictures and recall the past event as I saw it. Also using a blog makes it much easier to describe the emotions that were going through my head at the time. Writing an essay would be too formal and quite boring to read. A song would be enjoyable to listen to but the same meaning and emotions would not be conveyed properly. As for a podcast, I personally feel most podcasts are quite boring. And finally, since my blog takes place in the past, a video would be very hard to represent the same meaning. Choosing a blog also helped convey the message to the audience for many reasons. For one, it entertains the reader rather than just a block of boring text. And the goal of the blog was to entertain the reader from the start. Also, the blog allows for the reader to feel and understand how I, the writer, was feeling during move in day. On top of allowing the readers to understand my emotions, adding pictures and a “fun” background will attract more readers. Rather than just a plain white background with a body of text, a block is more colorful and has more pictures as well. This helps keep the readers entertained and interested in the blogs. The shorter blocks of text in a blog also urge more readers to read the block. Usually when a reader sees a larger word document they may be reluctant to read it, but a blog is more attractive to readers. Also, when the reader goes through and reads a blog, which will determine if the reader will go on and read the rest of the blogs. The ultimate message would be to entertain the...
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