Writing the Report Exam 05002300

Topics: Employment, Human resource management, Policy Pages: 3 (843 words) Published: November 11, 2011
I.Issues in communicating and understanding company policy at the Charlotte, NC, Phoenix Advertising, location. II.Understand company policy issue by comparing and surveying. A.Compared corporate policy with branch policy.

1.Compared branch policies regarding work hours against corporate policy. 2.Questioned branch managers regarding their policies.
3.Questioned branch HR manager about documentation and enforcing of corporate policy. B.Survey employees regarding daily operations and policies. 1.3 Human resource employees surveyed on company policy

2.10 managers surveyed on branch policy.
3.All branch employees surveyed regarding work conditions.
C.Contacted clients with complaints.
III.Abuse of company policy and lack of understanding.
A.Lack of understanding of company policy when compared to branch policy. 1.Management does not follow HR procedure causing stress and overworking employees. 2.Branch HR managers not enforcing corporate policy.

3.Employees do not understand or fully know there employee contracts. B.Low company morale in surveyed employees.
1.80% of employees feel overworked causing poor work performance. 2.75% of employees felt underpaid causing low morale.
3.Both the HR department and management have a lack of communication regarding company policy which leads to lack of implementation. C.Contracted clients felt quality and work ethic had completely gone down. 1.4 client complaints in 1 month which is hurting company image. 2.2 clients emphasized change in work quality in the last year causing clients to look for other companies. 3.3 clients complained of failure to hit promised deadlines which caused loss of business. IV.Provide all branch employees with training on company policy. A.Ensure HR manager has a complete understanding of company policy. 1.HR manager will be trained in all company policy.

2.Follow up to make sure HR is enforcing company policies. B.Institute a strict policy regarding...
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