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Topics: Overtime, Human resources, Salary Pages: 6 (1622 words) Published: November 9, 2012
Phoenix Advertising
Human Resources Department
420 W. Craighead Road
Charlotte, NC 28206

October 1, 2012
Phoenix Advertising
Executive Team
420 W. Craighead Road
Charlotte, NC 28206
Dear Executive Team:
The Roanoke branch of Phoenix Advertising has been one of the company’s most successful branches for many years, handling large accounts all over the Mid-Atlantic region and continues to increase their client load. However, recent difficulties have put a strain on the human resources department and their practices. Key personnel have left the Roanoke branch to work for competitors and others are threatening to leave their jobs, sharp declines in productivity and employee morale issues have reached the corporate office. As Vice President of Human Resources for Phoenix Advertising and at the request of company President, Mr. Gregory Forest, I have conducted a 2 day investigation into the causes of the difficulties at the Roanoke branch and have identified one critical problem: Employee loss of morale due to required overtime work. I have developed a proposal that will align the employee’s attitude to the company’s interests and to rebuild and strengthen the employees support for occasional overtime, thus ensuring the company’s mission of delivering quality advertising to its clients. Background

My investigation of the Roanoke Branch consisted of a 2 day observation of the branch’s operations, meetings and question and answer sessions with the individual departments and surveys administered to the employees and to the 4 clients that have complained to Mr. Forest as well as personally meeting with those clients. Although there are several factors that have brought on the required overtime for our salaried workers, it was disappointing to find that only 10% of our employees volunteer to stay late to meet deadlines for our clients. “Overtime” work is essential in our industry, client needs are continually changing and new accounts are added by the sales department. This employee malaise in regard to “working late” is therefore a serious

Executive Team - 2
problem that the executive team of Phoenix Advertising must address. Although the impact of this situation continuing in the Roanoke branch is grave, it is also a concern regarding other Phoenix Advertising branches. As the branches across the country often collaborate there is the chance this aversion to occasionally working “overtime” may spread, thus the cause of this problem in Roanoke must be addressed and corrected. Upon investigation, I found that there a 2 reasonable causes for the problems in Roanoke regarding their low morale and declining productivity. First, survey’s revealed that 75% of the salaried employees are unaware of the stipulation in the company’s handbook that “overtime” hours are uncompensated as an hourly wage, and that in place of this lack of compensation, the branch general manager must allocate paid time off or “comp” time for salaried employees who find themselves working beyond the normal office hours to meet deadlines. I also found that the branch general manager and the department heads have not been following the policy regarding comp time for the workers. Together the lack of understanding and implementation of the company “comp” time policy is the main cause of the problems experienced by the salaried employees of the Roanoke branch. Without proper orientation and implementation of Phoenix Advertising policy regarding overtime, I have concluded that the employees altogether believe the company is taking advantage of them by asking them to work “overtime” without compensation. This assumption brings about the proposed 3 part plan of action that I believe will be necessary to overcome and correct this problem. •Conduct an orientation with salaried employees on their rights and responsibilities regarding overtime work with Phoenix Advertising. •Brief the general manager and the department heads on the...
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