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You have had practice writing a clear thesis statement and expressing your opinions through a complete and coherent essay. Now you are ready to explore different writing strategies that will allow you to match your topic to the most effective organization for your ideas.

Organizing ideas so your reader can understand them and make connections between them is the key to being an effective writer. This assignment allows you to apply the organizing skills you’ve learned using familiar and easily understood formats. The focus of this writing task is clearly describing a process.

Participate in class lectures and discussions about different ways to organize information: process analysis, causal analysis, and classification and division. Read the article assigned by your instructor and complete Reading Comprehension 3. Participate in class discussions to generate ideas for this writing assignment. Complete the prewriting tasks (steps 2 and 3) and attached outline. Write an entire process description that has an introduction, body, and conclusion (three paragraphs!!) and demonstrates process analysis. Complete the attached checklist before submitting your final assignment.

Many of our life experiences include a process. Choose one of the following. Introduce it by explaining the purpose or importance of the process. Follow this with a step-by-step description of what happens and WHY/benefits of that step. Finish with a general observation about the completed process. Remember that you are NOT writing instructions. You are describing what happens or what needs to happen. Washing a patient

Diagnosing the flu
Bandaging a cut finger
Preparing a patient’s room
Choosing the best cold medication
Keeping healthcare areas clean and sanitized
The stages of an emergency room visit
The life stages of a human being
A process of your choosing (with approval your professor)

Submission Requirements due within 2 business days
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