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My Problem in Writing And solutions

Every time I am asked to write about any topic, I find myself facing a major problem asking myself
what I am going to write, and how I am going to present, express my ideas and support my personal

opinions in a clear organized way that the reader would understand me. Learning how to write an essay

was a frustrating process for me until , I came to understand some steps that made it easy and sometimes


I learnt to start by researching the topic using all different resources available like interest and

libraries. I write Down questions, notes, quotations, facts, interesting passages and it s sources. It s always

good to have a variety of Sources; Quoting from a few sources only, will sound inexperienced; while

quoting from numerous sources Will sound knowable and supportive to the topic.

As I am researching the topic I start analyzing the arguments of different writes and authors. The

argument consists of two main things a claim and reasons for that claim, neither a claim without reasons;

nor reasons without a claim is an argument. When I am creating my own argument, first I identify my

main claim then locate all its reasons. The reasons should show explanations of the claim and whether it s

true or not. I also map out if there is enough evidence supporting my claim, and if there is any other

alternative explanations.

After spending decent amount of time researching, comparing arguments. I begin to think critically to

discover the insights of the topic trying to find something original to say about it. I look to define the

Problem if There is any!, why it s a problem?. A problem for who? When did it become a problem? And

what is the roots of that problem ?. I go back to do more research about the problem I outlined, Answers

for the questions I wrote down and educate myself more about this problem . I look for evidence

supporting it, it s sources how strong or weak they are, and if I believe it or not.
Now I think I can start writing my own opinions and ideas whether I agree or not, I can also present

my arguments it s claims and it s reasons. My main claim will be my thesis for example I wrote my thesis

for this topic at the end of the introduction which is “Learning how to write an essay

was a frustrating process for me until , I came to understand some steps that made it easy and sometimes

fun.”. Many people may not believe that thesis which makes it arguable and that what I try to make

all my thesis. Then I think about how I am going to organize and outline my writing, I free write the whole

writings to omit mistakes, remove paragraphs or add evidence . I try to choose appropriate arrangement for

my writings.

The introduction of any topic is what grabs the reader’s attention I can present my introduction by

An interesting fact, or a personal experience, or a surprising information, or even exciting quotations.

I try Not to make my introduction too general that it would fit any essay in the world. The entire

introduction should lead toward the presentation of my claim or thesis.

I begin my paragraph by focusing on one idea only, and the first sentence of the paragraph will be my

topic sentence of the paragraph . it describes the point of the paragraph then I develop more ideas in the

paragraph. I provide examples to illustrate my ideas, use quotations, show more evidence , offer another

perspective to my idea, elaborate on causes/effects, definitions, comparison/contrast.

The conclusion will be my closing paragraph where I recap my main idea in a clear , summarizing

Manner, I also learned to try to make a graceful exit from the essay by leaving memorable impression by

the Reader, that it wont be...
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