Writing Is a Journey

Topics: Writing, Emotion, English language Pages: 2 (800 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Writing is a Lifelong Journey
When it is late at night and everything keeps silent, I start a journey through the keyboard typing every word. For me, writing is a journey. I take my heart while making this journey, traveling to the spiritual home and relieving thoughts. Rather than the destination, what I care about is the scenery on the way. I enjoy the process of writing, as my writing records every warm and sentimental pieces of life. When I grow older, every document is my precious memory to review, which also helps me learn to appreciate life even more.

Time spans back to my childhood, which I still remember my first touch to writing. One of my favorite things to do at that age was playing music with my mom. My mother played the piano accompanying with my singing. What makes it special was that the lyrics of those songs I sang were all written by me personally. Sometimes, however, I didn’t know what to write and found it quite difficult to come up with new lyrics fit the entire songs. Accordingly, my mother encouraged me to try to think about interesting bits of experience in life and write it down, and then finally organized them as lyrics. She also told me if I wrote down a story or emotion, I would make progress. Gradually, carrying a pocket notebook became one of my habits for writing down interesting things I observed or emotional feelings I felt during a day. Later then, by piling up such ample content to write about, not only could I flexibly create lyrics for songs but also develop as a writer. I also developed the sense of comprehending life experience at some extent, even though I was still a little girl.

As I went to middle school, I gained more confidence on writing when I won first prize of teenager composition competition. I still remember the thesis topic of the competition was to express affection towards my hometown. Before I started writing, I just realized that it had been a long time that I hadn’t taken a trip to look around my city...
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