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It is true in a lot of ways that home is a physical object or place that can be returned to in the present; however, it is the past memories of that home that give it the significance needed to be considered special apart from anywhere else. has fond memories of his home planet, and he is most likely unable to remember every detail of his home; although it is possible for him to have a perfect memory since he is a different species. Both of them know where they came from, they kept that home with them in their memories. E.T. E.T. and Fry are contrasts of one another, both in fortunate circumstances for their preferences. Fry’s new home, the future, is a utopia for him. Fry is unintentionally thrown into a situation where: everybody he has ever known and love has died, every monument and city he has known to be familiar is destroyed, and all of the people and technology are new and more advanced than what he has known his entire life. were away from home, they both have taken their homes with them. is an alien, not entirely dissimilar to Rushdie, who is living away from his home country in a different culture. are both far from their home, and deal with this physical issue differently. Fry’s idea of utopia and dystopia are the polar opposite. Fry is unable to go back in time and go back to his former life, and he doesn’t want to.
So what’s important about E.T. Fry, Futurama Season 1 Episode 1)
A similar situation of being parted from home occurs in the film “E.T. The only thing Fry has left of his home are his memories. In this way, a person will create a mental image of their home that may not be the same as the home in real life. Fry makes his new environment his new home, and E.T. Knowing that, it is not too far of a stretch to make the claim that Home really is a thing in the past. Fry that lives in New York. The memories that a person has change over time, the more time they spend isolated from a place or object, the less they remember about said noun in

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