Writing File 6

Topics: Kill, Childhood Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: April 28, 2015
Writing file 6
In Range.

Nowadays, we live in a really dangerous and cruel world. We can encounter with violence and evil all the time, and I strongly believe, that the next human generation will live in a better and more positive world. Recently, I have been to a press conference about the new game “In Rage”. In the report, I will provide the outcomes from the conference and my personal opinion on the topic.

The game “In Range” that is going to be launched, represents all the most evil and violence features of the world. The creators of the game wants our children to murder people, to kill for achieving a goal. Furthermore, the game is making the children enjoying the process of murdering. In such a case, if one is killing virtually, why would not he kill really? Nevertheless, the creators of the game were refusing all the arguments and seemed totally blind by the amount of money they are expecting. How evil should the creators of the game be? The director seemed to me absolutely devoid of morality and honor. He does not consider of consequences that the game will bring. In my opinion, we are supposed to make children benefiting from the games they play. Games should teach the child, develop him. From the early childhood, a man has to think how to make the world better, not how to destroy him.

The suggestion that is spoken now is to sell this game only to those, who are over 21. The question that pops up in the mind immediately to those who have suggested it: how did those who are over 21 deserve to encounter that violence and evil? Of course, they tend to be more stable on physiological level, but it does not mean that we do not have to protect them from the game. Even if the impact from the game is lower on that category of people, it still exist! Therefore, the game has to be banned all over the world. All the humankind has to be protected from that murdering and violence that the game brings....
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