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Writing Exercise

By Aubrey-Xiao Sep 25, 2014 380 Words
Beauty, Form and Function:
An Exploration of Symmetry
Writing Exercise – Hydrogen Bond Phase Transition
Writing & Marking Rubric
1.Go to Core Study Resources → III Symmetry in Crystals → Downloads and Links. 2.Download the following:
a. Yoshida et al., Flexibility of Hydrogen Bond and Lowering of Symmetry in Proton Conductor. Symmetry 4, 507 – 516 (2012).
b. Writing and Marking Rubric

Scaled to 22 Marks

Beauty, Form and Function: An Exploration of Symmetry

Writing Exercise

1. Read Flexibility of Hydrogen Bond and Lowering of Symmetry in Proton Conductor by Yoshida et al (Symmetry 4, 507 - 516, 2012).
2. Study the Writing & Marking Rubric and prepare an essay of 900 - 1200 words to demonstrate your understanding of the paper. Include descriptions of the: 

Symmetry relationships between the Cs3H(SeO4)2 polymorphs
Nature of hydrogen bonding generally
Driver for the change of symmetry
Linkage between symmetry and proton conduction efficiency

3. Your essay should consist of three (3) and only three paragraphs. 4. No images or tables are allowed.
5. Essay should be prepared in MS Word or similar, and uploaded to Coursera as a pdf. DO NOT PLAGARISE AS THIS WILL LEAD TO A ZERO SCORE

Beauty, Form and Function: An Exploration of Symmetry
Paragraph 1 (300 - 400 words)
Compare and contrast the structures the
Phase I, Phase II and Phase III polymorphs.

Paragraph 2 (300 - 400 words)
Elucidate the nature of domain structure in
the polymorphs.

Paragraph 3 (300 - 400 words)
Consider the impact of polymorphism on
proton conduction.

Note: o Insert Mark at X

A total of 18 marks

Writing Exercise





Recognizes the
lattice symmetry of
the three

Describes the evolution
of hydrogen bonding for
the three polymorphs.

Explains the origin of the
change in symmetry with


Identifies the
features of
domains seen by
optical microscopy.

Describes the
mechanism of domain

Describes and explains
the relationship between
the polymorphs that lead
to domains.


Recognizes the
evidence for the
correlation between
polymorph type and
proton transport

crystallographic models
for rationalizing proton
transport efficiency.

Describes and explains
the mechanisms of
proton transport in the
polymorphs and
implication on fuel cell
material selection.




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