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By arindaika Apr 15, 2013 1392 Words
Name: Arinda Ika Pristanty
Class/NPM: 4A/031110130 Comparison-contrast essay
High school and College
School plays an important role in our society. Many of us spend more than fifteen years at school in order to get knowledge for better living. Two important steps that we go through life are high school and college. They are so pleasurable. They can also be challenging. College and high school share the same common goal to teach students to learn. In fact, college and high school are completely different experiences.

High school and college are different in attedance. In high school, students will get punishment if they miss class. At least, students are only allowed to miss a certain number of days. If they miss too many days, they can fail and teacher will call their parents and let them know that their children didn’t attend the class. On the contrary, most teachers at college offer extra credit for students who always attend the class every day. Teachers at college don’t care whether they are in class or not. It means that if they don’t att, they are going to get a failing grade. So, college students must be responsible to succeed.

Other difference between high schosol and college is about homework. In high school, teachers don’t give homework every day. Teachers will give students a chance if they are late to submit their homework. In contrast, college students may get so many homeworks or assignments. Teacher at college almost give assignments for their students in every meeting. When college students are late to submit, they will never get another opportunity. There are no excuses. It means that we can fail when we miss a homework.

The major differences between high school and college is perception of responsibility. High school students still need guidance from their teacher to be responsible. On the other hand, college assumes that college students are responsible adult human beings. In high school, teachers have prepared a lesson plan and tell students what to prepare for the next day period and high school teacher will help students when they have problems in learning although their students don’t ask for help. However, in college, teachers prepare a syllabus, distribute it to students to follow the syllabus whithout telling them what to prepare for the next meeting. Teachers may have students do tests or quizzes accidentally. So, college students should not attend the class with empty-headed. Students must prepare the lesson by themselves before. Teachers at college will not approach the students if the students have difficulties about the lesson. College students have to be active for asking help. They have to be responsible for their education.

In spite of these differences, high school and college have several things in common.
Both high school and college are educational backgrounds for students to study. In this institutions, students enrich their knowledge. Students also improve their live with skills and abilities to face the real world by studying in these places. High school and college plays an important role in teaching people how to socialize well with other people. Students are also taught how to solve problems in life in these institutions.

Classes in college and high school are pretty similar. Students should be a good participants in every discussion to achieve the highest success. Teachers will be in front of them and explain the material. So, students must pay attention to the teacher lecture because sometimes teacher will give students quizzes or tests in the end of the class.

Both high school and college are good places for people to socialize with other people. Students may have good interaction with their teacher when they ask for help. Students can make a good relationship with their friends in group work or joining high school or college organizations because they meet new people and share their experinces to enrich their knowledge. Students and teachers are also able to share their opinion in discussion forum at high school and also college. It makes students and people socialize effectively to provide better learning atmosphere at school.

In conclusion, inspite of all the differences between high school and college, they have nothing much in common. In fact, they are both forms of education grounds but they also have different experiences; high school prepare students to be responsible to go ahead at college and college prepares students for new challenges in a real life as a responsible adult. Name: Arinda Ika Pristanty

Class/NPM: 4A/ 031110130/ Cause-Effect Paragraph
Causes and Effects of Stress
It is very impossible that life is free of stress. Stress can be huge social problem in our life amoung young and adult people because our modern life is full of problems. It leads people to be stressed. Stress is a condition which can disturb physicological and psycological functioning of an individual. Stress happens because of many cases; financial problem, work problem, and family problem. Stress can be dangerous and affect people life such as changing people behaviour, leading them into bad lifestyle, and causing serious physical and mental problems.

Stress happens for many reasons such as financial problem, work problem, and family problem. First, financial problem is a major problem that is causing people to have serious stress. People who are losing job are possible to suffer stress because of financial lack. Financial problem is also caused by people who are low-paid. So, they are not able to meet the needs of daily living. Widow may also get financial difficulties because they have partner of live who contribute their financial life. Second, cause of stress is work problem. Workers may become sressed because of getting exhausting work schedule. Getting problem with client at work also leads them to be stressed out. Worker who are possible to get stress may be caused by having deadline. They have to work under pressure to chase the deadline. The last cause of stress is family problem. Lack of communication among family members can contribute stress and even rebelliousness of their children. Family conflict can be a serious problem. When it arises, it threatens feeling of sense belonging among family members. As a leading causes of family problem that can make them feel stressed out is family violence. They get stress because they are hurt physically or mentally by other family member.

Sress has several effects on our life, even though we may not realize it. Firstly, stress changes people behaviour. As a result, stressed people become easily angry when they are under pressure. People tend to think negatively when they are stressed out because what we think influences how we react and respond. Our emotion and increased stress may also account for increased crime and violence. Secondly, studies show that people who are suffered from stress are more likely to have bad life style such as smoking, alcohol, and drug abuse. People assume that smoking will help them through stress of problems in life. Then, having bad habits because of stress lead people to alcohol abuse due to drinking in moderation is enjoyable thing to forget every thing that makes them stressed out. Stress also forces people to experiment with drugs to make them feel relaxed. So, they feel far away from their stress condition. The last effect of stress is causing physical and mental serious problems. The burst of energy because of stress may have bad effect on our mind. It makes people feel rejected and unable to laugh. Sometimes, they are not willing to discuss their problem with other people. So, they tend to be introvert. Stress also contributes to chronic diseases from a little problem to the most serious problem such as mood swings, sleep problem, headache, eating disorders, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or heart attack as the most serious disease.

In conclusion, Our life is never far away from stress. There are so many cases that lead people to be stressed. Financial problem, work problem, and family problem are common cases that happen in our life. Stesss also has many serious effects on our life such as changing people behaviour, leading them into bad life style, and causing physical and mental problems. So, it is very important for us to control over our stress when we are getting so many problems in life to create a good and well-balanced life.

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