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Writing English Essay

By fareedhmeeran May 06, 2012 555 Words
Part 1: Strongest Work

The strongest piece of writing that I have done this quarter is my “Informative Essay” on truth about organic foods. There are many areas in this essay which makes me feel that this essay deems to be my best essay so far. Firstly, the outline and organization of my essay was apt for an Informative Essay, I had devoted the first paragraph for Introduction which had the summary of the information I wanted to present. The last paragraph had the Conclusion which wrapped up all the information provided in the essay and gave people a food for thought. Other paragraphs included the body of the Essay. Secondly, I had researched all the facts presented in the essay and verified that I had not made any assumptions, offensive statements or contradictions in my Essay. Finally, as a narrator I was careful not to include my own views or suggestions to diminish the facts presented in my Essay. I had learned to be a good writer from completing the assignment essays. I also learnt about the pre-writing invention strategies used for writing. I learned how to summarize, paraphrase, quote and cite by reading different passages. Now I am able to write reflective essays and peer-review essays of my friends. Brainstorming with my teacher and friends helped me to learn and develop new things about writing in English.

Part 2: Most Effective Revision

I had to do a couple of revisions this quarter. My most effective revision was to re write Summary and other initial essays which had written during the beginning of the quarter. I had a lot of grammatical, spelling mistakes. There was no defined organization and I missed some essential guidelines in writing essays. Due to these mistakes I re wrote all my Essays with mistakes corrected. After the revision, I feel very comfortable reading my Essays. Revision increased by ability to find mistakes which I will be able to correct now before finishing the essays. Revision also made me good at pointing mistakes and evaluating my peer’s essays. Overall revisions increased my confidence in writing good essays.

Part 3: Self-Assessment

By completing all the essays this quarter I was able to learn the techniques of writing essays in English. Now I am confident about writing different forms of essays which includes informative essay, cause and effect essay etc. It also helped me to increase my English vocabulary – I had learned a bunch of new words. I had learned to be a good writer from completing the assignment essays. I also learnt about the pre-writing invention strategies used for writing. I learned how to summarize, paraphrase, quote and cite by reading different passages. I feel that my writing skills have been improved dramatically since I joined this class.

Part 4: Final Thoughts

I have become a good writer overall. I think now I know which areas I am good at and which of the areas I have to improve. I had taken some help using the internet and friends which I think I have to minimize. I have also improved to write essays with less spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. I feel I have also improved my reviewing skills. Overall this class was highly beneficial to me in order for me to write good English Essays.

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