Writing as a Process and as a Product

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Writing is a part of our daily activities. We communicate through written materials daily which are products of the writing process. For a written product to the effective there is a procedure writers and authors go through called the writing process. Writing as a process refers to the events done to come up with a finished product. Writing as a product refers to the quality control attributes. Interpretation and analysis of the questions is crucial. Understanding the question is important. It will give you key words that will help you answer effectively. Special conditions are also key and must be adhered to. Identifying the key words is critical in answering the question correctly because, the body/content of your essay must be adequately built on defining the key words. Planning is the next step. Planning includes identifying your task, analyzing the audience, gathering of information, thinking of support or objections of your idea or thought and research material that one will use. Researching is an act of planning that involves reading relevant sources adding more knowledge on the ideas one has, exploring for further knowledge of your brainstorm, and note making. When note making you can code notes with similar ideas for easier grouping when writing. An ideal plan is structured with an introduction- definition of terms - major arguments - evaluations, then conclusion. One can use a technique called the SQ3R when doing research. Mind tools Ltd. Increasing your retention of written information (2005:2009) SQ3R Available at: http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newISS02.htm [Accessed: 25 Oct 2009]

SQ3R is a useful technique for extracting the maximum amount of benefit from your reading time. It helps you to organize the structure of a subject in your mind. It also helps you to set study goals and to separate important information from irrelevant data This technique is abbreviated for survey, question, read, review, and revise. Surveying for...

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Available at : http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newISS02.htm
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