Writing and Text Analysis

Topics: Writing, Chapters, Literary Genre Pages: 3 (684 words) Published: October 30, 2014

BA in Intercultural Market Communication (IMK)
Course Plan for Understanding Professional Texts (Tekstforståelse) Subject to revision!

Teacher: Karen Hoby Skanning, khs.ibc@cbs.dkClass: XA
(Preparation and submission of written assignments) Literature37 1. Introduction to the course. Communicative analysis.
Text analysis of ’H&M confess to …’ with focus on genre and purpose. TA, chapter 1:
The Framework
38 2.
Genre knowledge and purpose.
Text analysis of ‘Cocoa Campaign’ with focus on appeal forms, speech acts and text functions. TA, chapter 2: Genre
TA, chapter 3: Purpose
(The Power of Speech: Chapter 3:
The Rhetorical Situation
Chapter 6:
The art of creating credibility)
39 3.
Structure and modes of writing.
Text analysis of ‘Danish Crown’ with focus on all relevant aspects covered in chapters 1-5. Submit written assignment 1: Text analysis of ‘Opthotech Corporation’ (2 standard pages) – (INDIVIDUAL) TA, chapter 4:

Move structure
TA, chapter 5:
Text types – modes of writing
SM, chapter 1 (Lundbeck).

Week Lesson Subject
(Preparation and submission of written assignments) Literature 40 4. Comments on written assignment 1.
WORKSHOP: text revision based on typical errors in WA 1
41 5. Rhetorical strategies (relating to the topic).
Text analysis of ‘Fast Company – Expert Blog’ with focus on all relevant aspects covered in chapters 1-6. TA, chapter 6:
Rhetorical strategies I
SM, chapter 2 (Forever Living)
(The Power of Speech:
Chapter 4:
The art of arguing one’s claims)
42 NO CLASS 43 6.
Rhetorical strategies (relating to sender’s attitude and S/R relationship). Language/grammar exercise:
Sentence analysis
Punctuation exercise
Punctuation rules
Submit Assignment 2 (2 standard pages) – (INDIVIDUAL.):
Text analysis of ‘Mulberry’ (revised IMK re-exam assignment, June 2014). Please note that aspects from chapter 7 are included in the assignment. TA, chapter 7: Rhetorical...
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