Writing and Summary

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Lecture 2
Summary Writing
Teaching aims
1. Students understand what summary writing is.
2. Students learn to write a summary.

I. What is a summary?
A summary can be defined as a brief restatement, in your own words, of the content of a passage ( a group of paragraphs, a chapter, an article, a book ). This restatement should focus on the central idea of the passage. And it will not contain any of your own opinions or conclusions. A good summary should have three main qualities: brevity, completeness and objectivity. Brief as a summary should be, it may be shorter or longer relatively. Short summaries (one or two sentences ) will do. Longer and more complete summary will indicate, in condensed form, the main points in the passage that support or explain the central idea. It will reflect the order in which these points are presented and the emphasis given to them. It may even include some important examples from the passage. But it will not include minor details.

II. Features of a summary
1. Using the same order of facts and ideas as the original
2. Using all the information from the original
3. Using none of the same vocabulary as the original
4. Using different grammatical structures from the original
5. Emphasizing the points you feel are important in the original 6. Giving your opinion about or commenting on the original

III. Procedures of writing
1. First it is important to decide why you are summarizing. Are you going to use this information in an essay? Do you need only the main ideas or are the details also important? Perhaps only sections of the text are relevant; in which case you need to be even more selective.

2. Before you attempt to summarize, it is essential that you understand the material you plan to summarize; if the ideas in the material are not clear to you, then they will not be clear to the reader when you express them in writing.

3. Read the passage carefully. Determine its structure and identify the author’s...
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