Writing and South African Education

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EGE 112
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Learning Unit 1 Study Task – Academic Essay
For LU 1 you are expected to write an academic essay. Please choose ONLY ONE topic on which to write your academic essay. Either write about Afrocentrism and South African education (Topic 1) OR Eurocentrism and South African education (Topic 2). Topic 1: Afrocentrism and South African education.

The situation / Role and audience:
You have been asked to write a short academic article for a journal that publishes work of undergraduate and graduate students in South Africa. The name of the journal is Stir: Education for social justice in South Africa. The readers of this journal are fellow undergraduate and postgraduate students, university staff and professional educators teaching in the FET sector.

Write an argumentative essay (maximum 1500 words) in which you address the following statement by answering the two questions that follow: While the Africanisation of South African education affords the social engineer with the opportunity to challenge the legacy of the apartheid system, it simultaneously calls for the unearthing, promoting and codification if indigenous knowledge systems in order to establish a South African identity (Le Roux, 2001: 34). Africanisation entails contextualization in the sense that the South African learner will be equipped, through school-typical education, to master and control the South African reality.

1. In view of the latter, put arguments forward to indicate how Ubuntu, as principle of Africanisation, can be utilized to master and control the South African education reality.
2. During your discussion you should analyse stipulations from CAPS (2011) to indicate how this education policy is informed (or not) by the principle of Ubuntu.
You must support your argument with relevant ideas and evidence from academic sources. Refer to at least six academic sources in your essay. You are expected to not only rely on the articles discussed in class but to find additional academic sources. Please follow the referencing conventions as presented in the referencing documentation available under the Study Material section on Blackboard. Format:

Your essay should be typed. Please use double spacing, Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman font with a size of 11 or 12. Make sure your essay include the follow elements:
An introduction in which you introduce the topic you will discuss by establishing the link between Africanisation and education in South Africa, provide a thesis statement that clearly indicates your position, and provide an overview of what will be discussed in the essay. Body paragraphs in which you establish the relationship between Ubuntu and education in South Africa, provide a relevant example of the implementation of the concept of Ubuntu in the classroom, and analyse one stipulation of CAPS (2011) to indicate how it is (or is not) informed by the Ubuntu. Conclude your essay with a paragraph in which you restate to your thesis and summarise your main arguments. The introduction and conclusion together should not constitue more than 10% of the total word count. Process stages for researching and writing your essay:




Read and reflect on relevant academic articles. You are expected to do independent research and to not only use the academic articles we discussed during class.
Define, compare and contrast the impact of Afrocentric and Eurocentric approaches on education in South Africa in small groups, when completing class preparation activities, etc. (we’ll do this in class throughout the term). Do this with specific reference to the Africanisation of education practices in South Africa, e.g. Ubuntu.

Write Draft 1 and submit it before 27 February via Turnitin on Blackboard. Please print a copy of...
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