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Summary Response 1
(Due 2-13)
For the first summary response, students will read four essays, “Are Families Dangerous?” (412), “Lowering the Bar: When Bad Mothers Give Us Hope” (414), “Killing Women: A Pop-Music Tradition” (416), and “Jesus vs. Allah: The Fight over God’s Secular Title” (422) and then choose one on which to base a response. The first sentence must give the essay title and the author’s name, along with the student’s opinion regarding the material.

The response needs to be a reaction/commentary to the ideas presented in the chosen source essay; the student must offer his/her own thoughts and ideas, but there has to be a relevant connection between the student’s work and the source essay. Thus, the student is free to agree/disagree with any idea found within the chosen essay. In addition to taking a stance on the essay’s topic, the student needs to support his/her opinion with personal examples; be specific.

Further, the student needs to incorporate two summarized sentences from the source essay into the response. The placement of these summaries is open to the student’s discretion as long as they are included. Summary is discussed in Chapter 5 of our textbook, The Writer’s Response. In brief, a summary’s main objective is to convey the main idea of a selected passage using the reader’s own words and sentence style. Traditionally, summary omits specific details. It is imperative that the student gives a parenthetical citation immediately following the summary in order to avoid plagiarism; the parenthetical citation is the page number in a set of parentheses followed by a period. Finally, summary is not enclosed in quotes, but is incorporated directly into the text. The student does not need to give a work cited/bibliographic entry for the source essay for this assignment. The following sentence offers a sample summary from Bombeck’s essay, “Live Each Moment for What It’s Worth”: Erma Bombeck espouses the idea...
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