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Writing and Points Question

By Phil11leyerer89 Sep 28, 2011 951 Words
Question 1  
John is planning a presentation and has decided to organize it around six key ideas. This approach: Answer
| | is likely to work very well since dividing the main presentation into several distinct key ideas helps maintain the audience’s interest. | | | is a good approach, but he should try to come up with more than six ideas. | | | includes too many ideas, since most people can’t absorb more than two to four main points in a single presentation. | | | is likely to be very effective as long as he includes at least four slides for each key idea. | 1 points  

Question 2  
Katy wants to improve her business writing skills and is looking for a way to determine the appropriate tone for her messages. Which of the following suggestions represents the best advice? Answer

| | Keep the tone highly formal and structured to convey that the message is important. After all, business issues must be taken seriously. | | | Incorporate a lot of slang and colorful language into your message. This enlivens and enriches the message and makes it stand out from more stilted writing styles. | | | Imagine you are speaking to the recipient of the message, and let your writing style flow like a natural conversation. | | | Keep your tone neutral, and use the passive voice. This keeps the message from offending or antagonizing the recipient, thus ensuring it will receive serious consideration. | 1 points  

Question 3  
According to the Book of Lists, public speaking ranks _____ on the list of things people fear the most.. Answer
| | first |
| | second |
| | fifth |
| | tenth |
1 points  
Question 4  
A communication channel that allows recipients to receive not only the words in the message but also to hear the tone of voice and see the body language of the sender is said to be a_____ Answer

| | rich channel. |
| | complex channel. |
| | dual medium channel. |
| | functionally advanced system. |
1 points  
Question 5  
Key executive board members attend annual meetings at the World Bank. Most of the members travel from their respective countries and come prepared to discuss local business needs. The interactions in the meeting are an example of_____  Answer

| | culture. |
| | communication barriers. |
| | communication channels. |
| | intercultural communication. |
1 points  
Question 6  
In communication, the term_____ refers to any interference that causes the message received by the audience to be different from the sender’s intended message. Answer
| | meaning inhibitor |
| | communication inverter |
| | verbal distortion |
| | noise |
1 points  
Question 7  
A(n) _____  is the communication channel with the highest level of channel richness and is used to deliver complex and individualized messages. Answer
| | in-person presentation |
| | face-to-face meeting |
| | instant message |
| | memo |
1 points  
Question 8  
People tend to _____  people who have good listening skills. Answer
| | be resentful of |
| | be careful of what they say around |
| | tell more to |
| | make unrealistic demands on |
1 points  
Question 9  
One of the most common mistakes made when delivering a presentation is to: Answer
| | include too many key ideas in the body of the presentation.  | | | use a combination of visual and oral presentation techniques.  | | | pick a friendly face or two in the audience, and imagine yourself speaking only to those people.  | | | go too easy on the special effects.  |

1 points  
Question 10  
According to studies reported in the Wall Street Journal’s Career Journal, during face-to-face communication, the majority of meaning comes from_____ Answer
| | the verbal content of the message. |
| | tone of voice. |
| | body language, including facial expressions and posture. | | | a combination of the words spoken and the tone in which they are spoken, with the spoken words being slightly more important than the tone of voice. | 1 points  

Question 11  
In business communications, ending sentences with prepositions is: Answer
| | still considered an error by most writing experts and should be avoided, except when the message is considered to be very informal. | | | no longer considered a true grammatical error but should be avoided because it makes writing seem awkward and stilted. | | | now considered acceptable if doing so sounds natural and doesn’t involve excess words. | | | one of the most serious grammatical errors you can make and can be very distracting to the reader. | 1 points  

Question 12  
Sue has a habit of slouching against a wall and staring at the floor while talking with colleagues at work about important issues. Sue’s body language_____ Answer
| | is unlikely to have a significant impact on how her message is received since the content of a message matters much more than the way it is delivered. | | | is an example of cultural noise. |

| | can be interpreted as a physical barrier to communication. | | | may distract her colleagues and undermine her message. | 1 points  
Question 13  
People normally think at the rate of _____ which is significantly _____ words per minute than they can listen.  Answer
| | 3,000 to 5,000 words per minute; more |
| | 1,000 to 3,000 words per minute; more |
| | 3,000 to 5,000 words per minute; less |
| | 1,000 to 3,000 words per minute; less |
1 points  
Question 14  
Vice President Harry Farrell is one of the few top managers at his company.  With a  strong engineering background, Harry loves to sprinkle technical jargon and slang into his speeches, even when he makes presentations to less technically inclined colleagues. This communication style:_____ Answer

| | is likely to create a language barrier that undermines the effectiveness of his message. | | | is likely to be very effective, since it allows Harry to emphasize his unique qualifications. | | | may create perceptual barriers to good communication. | | | is likely to contribute to cultural barriers that reduce the effectiveness of his message. | 1 points  

Question 15  
_____  is the transfer of relevant meaning from the sender to the receiver. Answer
| | Communication |
| | Passive voice |
| | Dynamic delivery |
| | Active voice |

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