Writing and Personal Experience Essay

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Personal experience essay writing largely refers to describing personal experience, as the title suggests. Usually, this type of essay would include describing some, incident or ordeal you have been through. However, it may also refer to a string of related incidents that you remember as one whole experience. It is entirely up to you how you choose to handle your Personal experience essay. Regardless of which way you wish to go about writing your essay, there is a general format that you would want to follow. Also, making an outline would help you to stay organized, and it would prevent you from wandering away from the main topic points.

A general format for a Personal experience essay would include an introduction, a body and a conclusion. It is best to describe your points in chronological order, starting with the first point in your introduction, and winding up with you last in your conclusion. However, in a Personal experience essay you might need to include flashbacks at certain stages in your essay in order to refresh your reader's memory. You must remain as clear as possible when doing so.

For your Personal experience essay, choose an experience that is easy to write about. Keeping it simple will allow you to have control over what you want to write about. You might not need to mention every detail you have in mind. The best approach is for you to make an outline of the experience. Your Personal experience essay is like any other essay in this way because you need to make brief pints to create a flow. However, you are generally free to go about your writing the way that you feel comfortable.

In a Personal experience essay you do not need to support your claims or experiences with scholarly sources. Your experiences are entirely your own. However, you may want to compare your experience with some well known one. This is helpful in a Personal experience essay, and can stir a reader's interest. Though you are free to write in any style you want,...
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