Writing and Personal Discovery Essay

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Personal Discovery Essay Overview
This essay is intended to guide the student from identifying a problem or situation, taking some action in regard to the situation, and writing about the experience while supporting/developing their evaluation/analysis with two primary sources. A General Overview:

First, you will be given a professionally-generated article that addresses a particular topic. This semester, the topic will involve health risks. Second, you must decide upon an activity after reading the article. For instance, since the article you will be given is on health risks, you will will need to identify two activities you can perform that will effect the consequences of your chosen health risk. Third, you will write a first draft of an essay of about 750 words (three pages) in which you discuss the activities and what motivated you to choose those activities, followed by your reactions and responses (such as “What did I learn?” And “Why could it be valuable to me?”) Fourth, find an article in the Three Rivers' Rutland Library data base which provides additional information or that either refutes or corroborates what your rough draft says. Ideally, this one will help you determine the best practices for avoiding or managing the health risks. Incorporate information in the form of direct quotation and paraphrasing according to MLA style into the final draft. Finally, prepare a final draft of the paper in which you analyze the experience and the article, then synthesize all of the information into a cohesive essay. This essay will be the final assignment of the semester, so it is important to do your very best work. The final essay shuold be of 750 - 1,000 words, not including the correct MLA-style Works Cited page.  Short Writing Assignment #7

Read and study the information from the following web page: http://www.myhealthnewsdaily.com/839-top-10-leading-causes-of-death.html Download the Article Close Reading template (located in the...

Cited: page containing citations for the Rettner article, as well as the database article.  Apply the scientific and healthcare professionals’ advice and expertise to craft an essay of Personal Discovery which uses both your day-to-day altered habits and the science that backs them up in an essay which incorporates the best practices of our three major essays this semester
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