Writing and Filipino Values

Topics: Writing, Value, Critical thinking Pages: 31 (8876 words) Published: March 17, 2011

A Research Paper
Presented to
The Graduate School of Saint Louis University
Baguio City

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirement in the Graduate School Program
School of Teacher Education

Karen Joy G. Arellano
MAEM 202

Title Pagei
Table of Contentsiv

Chapter I: The Problem
Background of the Study1
Theoretical Framework8
Paradigm of the Study12
Statement of the Problem13

Chapter II: Method and Procedure
Research Design14
Population and Locale of the Study15
Data Gathering tool16
Data Gathering Procedure17
Statistical Treatment18

Chapter III: Results and Discussion
Writing Activities Given by Teachers to Enhance Awareness and Understanding of Filipino Values20 Effectiveness of Writing Tasks to enhance Awareness and Understanding of Filipino Values24

Chapter IV: Conclusion and Recommendations29

Refereed Materials31

A. The Questionnaire33
B. The Rubric35
C. Tables38


For a decade writing had become common in tertiary and even in secondary schools. It had become an important tool in engaging students in reflective thinking, demonstrating understanding and communicating learning. It had also been an aide in improving students’ achievement. This paper explored the varied writing tasks in English classes to demonstrate awareness and understanding on Filipino values of fourth year students of Saint Louis University-Laboratory High School, School Year 2010-2011. Specifically, it aimed to answer the following questions: (1) What writing activities were commonly given by teachers to enhance awareness and understanding of Filipino values among students?, and (2) How effective were the writing tasks in strengthening the awareness and understanding of Filipino values among students? The descriptive research was used in the study. It had involved 141 students from the total population of 218. A questionnaire on the different writing tasks and a rubric were used to gather the necessary data needed. The data were statistically treated using the frequency percentage for question number one and weighted average score for question number two. From the findings it was found out that journal writing was ranked as a writing task which was given very often to students to demonstrate awareness and understanding of the varied Filipino values. Writing journals could be a huge help to English and language arts teachers. They can be used for a multitude of purposes. Moreover, both journal writing and essay writing were “averagely effective” in demonstrating awareness and understanding of Filipino values. Students had already developed their grammatical competence however inputs such as lectures or concepts on certain issues must be processed in the academe.

Thank you Lord
for the blessings which you keep on showering us
in the everyday of our existence
for the gifts of wisdom and talent
you endowed upon us

Thank you
For my loving and caring parents
Who have nurtured me
to be what I am now.

Thank you
For the gift of friends
Who had helped me have an access
In the different libraries,
loaned me books that I needed
and helped me treat my data

Thank you
For my research teacher
Dr. Felina Espique
For being my critic in the course
of making this paper.

Thank you
To my loving husband
Who had been there always
Extending a hand
During the most tribulating moments
Of my career life.

For all those people
who in one way or another
had helped and trusted my capability
A heartfelt thanks to all of you.


To the Lord almighty

To my family,


co-teachers and students...
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