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“Chance vs. Fate”

Do you ever tried to think, what if chance and fate face a fight? Who do you think would be the

winner? And who do you think would be the looser? If one people began to fight his chance and

his fate,. Who do you think would make him feel happier? Is it the chance who gave him chance,

or is it fate that decide his life. Maybe most of you think that chance would be the obvious

winner, for more people is now wanted to take a chance than fate. But how ever what if I told

you that fate is stronger than chance? What if I tell you that if you need to choose a choice

between chance and fate,. I must tell you that fate is the better choice than chance. That fate

can assure you that you’ll never regret for choosing it than chance. For fate must knew the

Rightful one than chance. How?

Because I had a very interesting story about chance and hope. That made me realized what’s

The best choice for me. And this is just happened to me a month ago before December enter the

year. Since birth I have a childhood friend that became part of my life. Each and every day we

are together. Those days are just passing by and our relationship as friends became more deeper

and deeper that I came to the point I fall in love with him secretly. But instead of telling it

into him, I decided to not mention my feelings anymore for our friendship has been gone through

the years. And I don’t want to ruin that friendship. But fate never gives a consideration, into me.

My parents decided to continue my high school at manila, together with my sister.

And when my last day in our province came, I let him knew that I was leaving. That time I

wanted to tell him the truth. I have the chance but I let it go. I never succeeded telling into

him that I really love him. After that event I really hate fate for deciding what for my life.

I do really hate it for I was such in a poor condition that time. But two years had passed. No

communication for the last two years. And when I spent my semestrial break in our province

after two years, I really did see the things change. When I came back home I saw him. And

flashback remains into my head. But instead of smiling into him, I pretend not to see anyone.

until he said to me that he was fallen in love with me. But as hearing the soft words he had

spoken I cant really imagined that all the old feelings of yesterday is now coming back faster.

But of course, I remembered he was my friend. And I like him too. But what the heck? After

some month I rejected him even though I loved him. And that he quits on asking. After some

month December came a number texted me and ask who it was. But I was shocked It was my

classmate since I’m in grade six. If I remembered nothing go right with our relationship as

classmate. He was my first crush during my elementary days, I remember how he always make

me cry during the time. I remember how he spoke word into me in front of everybody else. I

remember it all. We never had the time to speak even a little single word without fighting with

each other. Until graduation we never had. And now his here and telling me if he have the

chance. Normally, I won’t forgive him for the past few years for what he has done. I don’t want

to forgive him but my heart likes to. And I can’t even understand of all this years, why is the

feeling of long old love was coming back again? But then time gives me chance to think of. And

I really found out what it has to be. That my classmate is my real one true love for that I have

realized that: On our situation of my best friend, we have the very big chance but fate decide.

And give me the real answer. And time gave me realization to know what is meant to be.

Name: Mariflor B. Villanueva

Essay no: 4

Date: December 6 2012

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I was young when I tell many of my ambition in life. One I must tell, I wanted...
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