Writing and Dad in Paragraph

Topics: Writing, Father, Communication Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: December 18, 2008
Dad In paragraph 3 when Manning says his fathers, “words were physical” he means that he and his father rarely communicated with words. During the time he and his dad were arm wrestling to him that was their way of communicating. During Manning’s trip home he and his father each learned that they both are not the same people they use to be, each and developed and changed. Manning realizes that his father is getting old and is much weaker. Manning’s dad learned that his son has grown into a man and is much stronger then he use to be. In the last paragraph when says. “If his dad challenged him to a rematch he would feel more challenged than loved”, doesn’t necessarily mean that he felt unloved by his dad. Manning knew that he and his dad had a different relationship and that his dad had a different way of expressing his feeling. I believe that Manning that might not have always felt tons of love and they may have even been times when he felt neglected by his dad, but I’m sure he knew that there was love in his dad’s heart for him. I believe that Manning’s purpose in writing this essay is to express to his readers that type of relationship that he and his dad shared. He could also be writing this essay in order to entertain but I think that his purpose is much greater than that. For whatever reason he wrote this essay he express how he and his dad’s relationship developed over time.
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