Writing and Accountant Manager

Topics: Writing, Ethics, Ad hoc Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Evaluating Business Communication
Carla Brooks
September 23, 2012
Professor Fran Carter

During week four, our Learning Team was assigned with writing several business communication reports to several different levels of management within the organization. There was a communication from the Accountant Manager to the CEO, Staff Accountant to peer, Staff Accountant to Sales Manager and Accountant Manager to the Ad Hoc Committee. In the communication from the Accountant Manager to the CEO, the message was conveyed appropriately, the communication was sent in a formal report, which was appropriate for the audience, the communication was appropriate level, the leadership style affected the communication, and the communication was ethically sound and did not share more information than needed. All communications in the report sent relayed the intended messages very well. However, the communication from the Accountant Manager to the CEO is a great example of a formal communication. At first, the communication was going to be sent as a memo, but after careful consideration, a formal report was created instead. This was the best form of communication sent to the CEO due to being the appropriate level for his position within the company. The report was written using very good word choices for the audience. There was not a lot of accounting jargon used or the use of overly big words. The report was well worded for anyone at any reading level to have read. However, well written the report could have had some visible numbers to help prove the points stated. When the points were brought up about The JJJ Company’s profits not being sufficient enough to satisfy the debt the company recently acquired could have been easier to understand with some visuals. Visuals often help people understand how great the difference is. When you say that the debt outweighs the profits by how much? Each person could have a different meaning of this and the numbers would have made...
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