Writing an Outline

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Outlining: Easy or Troublesome Process

An outline is like a blue print for an essay. It is a person’s guide for a perfect essay. Though outlining seems to be a cumbersome task, young writers could succeed in doing it by following some basic guidelines.

Preparing an outline has been considered as a troublesome process for so many writers and students of my age. During outlining, a person faces many hindrances such as inability to group ideas. In addition inability to decide on main ideas. For a person finds himself in a trap with many ideas surrounding him, and he cannot choose any one. The most abstracting hindrance is plagiarism. I for one am stuck of how to paraphrase a word. Maintaining parallel structure throughout the outlining process is a hard step to pass. Parallel structure helps give the outline the sense of organization. This helps the writer recall all of the information he needs in an easy way. Organization is an OMG! Organizing ideas is a problematic phase. All of the ideas on his mind jumble up a writer. Moreover, he finds it impossible to organize all of the ideas to fit into one outline. Outlining is regarded as a confusing process for all people. Since it is the key for opening the treasure containing a well-organized essay.

All the hindrances facing a person during outlining could be easily solved. One of the solutions is rereading the text repeatedly. By reading it more than one time the writer can understand the text more in a way that helps him in identifying the main ideas. Identifying key word is another solution. Also locating topic sentences helps in providing main ideas for the outline. This helps in recognizing supporting details. Topic ideas and supporting details make up an outline.

In conclusion, though outlining has many hindrances they could be easily solved. By succeeding in an outline, a person could directly move to writing an essay.
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