Writing: an Art of Life

Topics: Art, Meaning of life, Universe Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: September 17, 2013
Writing: An Art of Life
Writing and art are two different words that come from the opposite sides of the universe; however, when they are juxtaposed, both complement each other. Writing is encapsulated by the power of words, and art is empowered by the language of itself, which is writing. Therefore, writing is an art. Writing is an art that bears witness of the smorgasbord of everything through the passage of time. Writing illustrates images which are silhouettes of a past, speaks of the present, and gives glimpses to the future. The former is like an hourglass that plays the role of a timekeeper. In other words, writing is also termed as the alpha and the omega. Writing is an art that delves on one’s being by outpouring one’s soliloquy on dramatic events in his or her existence by reading one’s mind through the contents of the literary texts, and by leading the writer to enrich his or her perspective of the theme of his or her work. The former forever etches the content of a text in the hearts of both the reader and the writer especially when the reader undergoes a cathartic effect. In short, writing is candor in one’s thoughts, words and actions. Writing is an art in the truest sense of the meaning of the latter that turns an empty canvas into a masterpiece. The artist works at his or her finest, and the brush exemplifies the style utilized by him or her. The strokes of the brush are counterparts of the penmanship of the writer, and both indicate the tone and the mood that are evident in the output. Writing is an art that exist in various forms. Writing dances with synchronization, and it sings with harmony. The former performs appropriately, acts effectively. Writing is an art that defines the character of a person. Art expounds on the subject through the power of writing by capturing the best moments that radiates from within. Writing cites the insights of one through the cohesive flow of words and sentences. Also, the former explains the beginnings, the...
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