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By etudehk Apr 28, 2015 343 Words
As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in classroom

In XXI century, the whole world is provided by technologies even education. Nowadays, system of education has new strategy- digital learning, which is supplied by computers and gadgets. In some cases, they are very useful and ease learning, but there is a misunderstanding about this phenomenon. Most people firmly believe that with invention and usage of computers and gadgets in education there will be soon no role for teachers. I don’t entirely agree with this statement. The invention of computers opened new era in each sphere. In education with assist of high-tech students search for information they need not opening each book and looking through the content, they just type the title and in a second students have the article, research results, etc. The computers with the help of Internet may give the information, lead to easy learning, access to sources, learning opportunities. On the other hand, it is not always the best way. In fact it has some disadvantages: learning by computers makes students bored and isolated, they lose their creativity and get addicted to it. Furthermore, it may harm psychologically due to lack of rapport among teacher and students and may harm health at the same time. Digital learning means to learn by computers, online, in some cases at home and without the instruction of a teacher. This method gives a freedom in learning. Nevertheless, the computers can’t give the proper learning atmosphere like in classes, rapport and can’t play all roles of teacher. As we know, teacher is manager, motivator, role model, leader, instructor and facilitator. Now ask yourselves if computers have these abilities. To summarize, I’d like to say that I am convinced computers may help in studies but nothing can replace the teacher. We can use computer as an aid in learning but should control its impact to students. To my point of view, everything has its measures and we have to use features of computers deliberately.

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