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Debate Lottie George
Communications 101
May 14, 2014
Churches should remain Non Profit
Intro: Hello and thank you all fellow citizens for attending our debate today. My name is Lottie first off, I would like to thank my colleague Tom who has presented the ON case with superb diligence. I would also like to welcome my opponents Ruth and Shales as they attend this controversial topic and debate…thank you both for attending. Today, I will begin by providing more support for our ON case, and then, I will point out some of the flaws in our opponents OFF case relating to why we feel it is important that Churches remain Tax Exempt and I will address these three claims: A. First……. Churches provide relief to the community for all people B. Second……. A Churches 501c3 Status means a Tax Write off for the public C. And Third…… Don’t Infringe on the religious freedoms of churches and their members How many of us in this audience ever donated something to a church before? Audience, this leads me to our first Claim


1. Churches receive donations and goods foods and It provides relief to the community by offering its resources to the public FIND A SPECIFIC EXAMPLE OF A NON PROFIT CHURCH THAT PROVIDED RELIEF AND EDUCATION, HOUSING, ETC. TO THE COMMUNITY..STATE STATISTICS ABOUT A SPECIFIC CHURCH MEGA Churches and Religious organizations generally are not in the business to make money, meaning generating revenue. Churches, as nonprofit organizations, are exempt from taxes not because of the public benefits that churches provide, although that is also a reason for exemption.  Rather, it is their very existence as non-profit entities that justifies church tax exemption.  Taxation naturally applies to profit-makers, the generators of revenue upon which government depends.  In his book, Why Churches Should Not Pay Taxes, Dean Kelley makes a powerful argument.  He states, “Other entities, which are not in the wealth producing category to begin with [such as churches], do not need to explain why they are not taxed any more than do the birds of the air or the rivers that flow to the sea. . . .  [Taxation] would be pointless, since they are not in any meaningful sense producers of wealth.” In fact, taxing such nonprofits discourages their existence and amounts to double taxation.  All citizens, whether or not involved in a church or other nonprofit, are taxed on their individual incomes.  As Kelley notes again, “To tax them again for participation in voluntary organizations from which they derive no monetary gain would be ‘double taxation’ indeed, and would effectively serve to discourage them from devoting time, money, and energy to organizations which contribute to the up building of the fabric of democracy.” 2. Corporations like Zerox, Warren Buffet….., Foundations and Private Parties can donate goods, automobiles, and other merchandise to get a tax write off for those items.


3. LASTLY AS MY PARTNER STATED, TAXING CHURCHES AND/OR FAITH BASED ORGANIZATIONS IS DEFINITELY PROHIBITED. NOT ONLY IN A BIBLICAL SENSE, BUT BY THE FIRST AMENDMENT OF US CONSTITUTION…CITE WHITAAKER.. Furthermore, be aware of the fact that you have no authority to impose tax, tribute, or toll on any of the priests, the Levites, the musicians, the doorkeepers, the temple servants, or the attendants at the temple of this God. Jesus made it very clear that as citizens of whatever country we live in, we should pay our taxes.   And it is one that judicial case law has not discussed much. It has been assumed from the foundation of our country that churches should remain tax exempt.  In 1890, Kentucky State Representative Whittaker summed up the sentiment nicely when he said, “Let an untaxed Gospel be preached, in an untaxed church house, from an untaxed pulpit; let the emblem of a crucified, but risen Christ be administered from an untaxed altar,...
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