Write a Thing Happened Between Your Parent and You

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Write a thing happened between your parent and you.

As the saying goes , blood is thicker than water . Parents are always the closest people in our lives . Ironically , because of this , we always take everything for granted from them instead of treating those things as blessings . I can never forget that time , what I have done to my father . It was a wintry morning . The sky was still dark when I woke up at 6:30 . And the first thing I did after waking up was shouting to my dad : “Why you woke me up so late today ?! I am going to be late for school . And why my uniform is still wet ?! “ My father seemed so shock at that moment and couldn’t utter any words , my “accusation” was feared by him . But soon he recovered , and said :” I am so sorry , my dear . I just worked until too late last night and forgot to put the laundries in the washing machine . And I was too tired to wake up promptly when the alarm rang . Actually It’s not late yet , you can…” “No ! It is too late already ! Now I have no time to have breakfast ! ” I stopped my father from going on . And after that , I just cleaned up hastily and put my school coat on , then rushed out and slammed the door . I ran all my way to school . However , on the way , when I had calmed down , I felt so guilty and remorseful to my dad . How can I burst out such words to him , and even didn’t eat the breakfast that he had prepared ? I felt so sorry for my rudeness , my disrespect . The frigid winds was slapping my face , and my tears blurred my eyes . Finally I wasn’t late . And I traipsed to my seat , which was against the windows . When I looked through the windows , the sight ahead of me stopped me in my tracks . I saw my father , walking towards home , wearing only slippers and an overcoat on the pyjamas , in such a wintry day . My eyes welled up with tears again , it was obvious that he had followed me all the way to school , just as usual . That night when I came home , dinner had been prepared . My dad...
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