Write a report on behalf of Louis XVI detailing what he has done for France and why he should not be executed.

Topics: French Revolution, Louis XVI of France, Louis XV of France Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Write a report on behalf of Louis XVI detailing what he has done for France and why he should not be executed.

Louis XVI was one of the most well- meaning men who ever occupied the throne of France. He was very much influenced by philanthropic ideas of that time. He took over from Louis XV, an idle self indulgent king who made no effort to see beyond the immediate future. He is reported to have said, after me the deluge’’. It was not Louis XVI fault that he inherited absolutism with a very weak and unstable government, alone with a peasantry who lived in appalling conditions overburdened with incredulous taxes. After all, without doubt he had taken over at the eve of the revolution. His queen Marie Antoinette was a woman of great strength of character and of more intellectual power than her husband which was of a bugger burden. She was a stranger to France and her influence upon her husband was at times evil and most time detrimental. There are several reasons as to why Louis should not be executed. The revolution took place in 1779, and he was unable to undo the past mistakes in such a short period of time. He wasn’t a typical tyrant ruler like Louis XIV. He sent France into bankrupt by engaging in a series of wars such as the French-Dutch war, league of Augsburg, war of Spanish succession, war of devolution, and the war of reunions. Louis XVI took part in the American War of Independence against the British army with a strong maritime arsenal which brought prestige and fame to France. France was mainly bankrupt due to the Seven year war, not of his doing. He in fact appointed Turgot as his chief minister who followed a policy of “No bankruptcy, no increase of taxation, and no borrowing’. Subsequently he appointed a moderate reformer t in 1776 and appointed Jacques Necker as the finance minister who tried to uplift the economy by skillful borrowing to bring about a balance between the income and the expenditure of the state. He proposed to tax all French...
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