Write Your Own Bill

Topics: United States Congress, Childhood, United States House of Representatives Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: July 31, 2013
Write Your Own Bill
PeeJay Nowling
Argosy University Online

As a newly elected Member of Congress this author as a Representative from Washington State, has made important promises during the campaign. Now that this writer has taken a seat, she needs to show the constituents she represents that she is going to fulfill at least one of these promises with a bill she writes and introduces into her chamber.

Write Your Own Bill
This author is a Representative from Washington State. At present there are no laws in Washington State that provides mandatory parenting classes in public schools. There are parenting classes outside of the schools but they are for adults or teenagers that have children or will be giving birth to children. We need to find a method to teach parenting classes before children become parents so they can realistically know what having and raising a child is all about. We would most likely have less child abuse if we reached our children in Junior High School before they begin having children. Granted there are parents who may think these youngsters are too young to be taking parenting classes but it is a fact that children are having children. They do not know how to cope with a child and it can lead to child abuse. Yet again there are parents that would welcome parenting classes for their children. Perhaps they did not know how to properly raise a child either. You cannot teach a child to be a parent if you yourself have not known what it is to be a good parent. We must break this cycle. Our community offers parenting classes but teenagers most likely will not seek out classes. They assume that because they have a natural right to bear children they can produce them at will without properly knowing how to raise a child. Parenting classes would give teenagers a taste of what it is like to have a child and what some of the problems areas might be to raising that child and how to cope with that child or children. If...

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