Write Better Introductions And Conclusions

Topics: Higher education, Barack Obama, Democratic Party Pages: 2 (774 words) Published: April 19, 2015
How to Write Better Introductions
and Conclusions
Writing is similar to everyday life: first and last impressions are important. The strength of your paper lies not only in the body of your paper, but how you lead into and out of that body. Content (i.e., your arguments) is important, but so are the introductions and conclusions! The Introduction

 Attracts the reader’s attention to and interest in the topic.  Gives an overall idea of your paper’s topic. In other words, it is a “road map” for the rest of your paper.
 Should be specific to the topic.
 Should avoid broad generalizations.
 Leads into your thesis statement, most of the time.
Begin your introduction by using:
 Interesting Information
“Drunk driving is the second most common cause of death among youth between 16 and 25 years of age. This rate becomes even more concerning among youth who recently received their first driver’s licence. These important statistics have led the Director of Mothers Against Drunk Driving to promote a campaign on the awareness of issues regarding drunk driving and push the government towards tougher legislation that would ensure the safety –and lives- of today’s younger citizens…”

 Anecdotes
“Markus Shore, a campaign manager for Barack Obama, entered the campaign’s headquarters in Chicago wearing a “Change I Can Believe In” button. Once he stepped outside onto Richard Daley Square downtown in the mid-western American city, he was greeted by a hoard of both supporters of Obama’s rival, John McCain, as well as activists who were opposed to Obama’s policies on higher education. Indeed, the policies…”  Questions

“Is Barack Obama a supporter of affirmative action in American post-secondary institutions? What are John McCain’s policies on improving achievement among the underprivileged? These questions reflect the inherent differences between the two men’s policies on education at both the lower and higher levels. We must understand these policy differences to...
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