Write About a Point of Your Life That Is Signification

Topics: Mind, Family, Thought Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: July 1, 2006
What would have happened if I had not come to the United States? I always asked myself that during the first year I was here. I landed in an embarrassing situation when my family decided to leave our country. We, my brother and I, were so nervous about our new lives, but we hoped it would be good for both of us. Even we are happy with our new life now, we still cannot forget the day we left our home town; it was full of happiness and sadness. From the morning of the day we left our country, our house was full of our friends and relatives. Everybody showed up with their big smiles. They gave us wishes, advices, and compliments. While I was busy talking to my friends, my brother was holding his son. He looked so sad because he did not want to leave his three month son. Our relatives helped us to arrange all our clothes and our belongings into valises. Some of them asked us help them to hand their gifts over to their friends and relatives in the United States. They talked to me many times to remind me about the gifts. The house was noisy, everybody seemed in a rush. The happiness was mingled the sadness. We were out of our minds. We could not think any thing. My boyfriend, who has experience in traveling, instructed me how to manage myself at the airport. My grandma reminded me to be careful of strange people we met in our way to the United States. They said to me whatever they thought or just came to their mind, but how could I remember all of their words? My boyfriends asked us to go to the airport two hours earlier, but time passed rapidly in that day. We did not have enough time to say goodbye to each person. We came to the airport just on time to check in. All our relatives and friends went to the airport to see us off. My grandma started crying in the last minutes. She held me tightly as she did not want to let me go. She was afraid of not seeing us again. We tried to pour comfort into her heart that we would be back. We gave each...
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