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A wrestling match is a test of strength, speed, agility, endurance and above all, the ability to combine these things. A match can go as long as seven and a half minutes without stopping, but that is not the hardest part of being a member of a good wrestling team. Becoming a family is one of the hardest parts of wrestling. Learning to trust people that you don’t even know that well, but it is also what makes a strong, functional, winning team. Wrestlers compete individually to earn points for their team and it hurts the team when a wrestler forgets that his victory is the team’s victory just like how his loss is the team’s loss. The wrestling team can only be as strong as the weakest wrestler in their team. Starting High School Wrestling was one of the toughest and scariest things I’ve ever done. The Captain rarely spoke to anyone outside of a match or practice, not even on the bus on the way to a match. The other seniors were a little bit more laid back but it wasn’t by much. Ayersville High School wrestling is always very highly rated, and we take the sport very seriously. Even with all this hostility the team seemed as if they were already a family, like your brother or sister, you love them; until they open their mouth. As our parents tell us more frequently than we care to hear it, we must learn from our mistakes. The next year we started fresh, we got rid of what we did the year before, this year was going to be different; more casual feeling and fun. Everything starts with the foundation. If there is not a good foundation, the house will crumble as if through a sinkhole. In the past four years, the record for the AHS wrestling team has done very well. Bill Ondrus has done an exceptional job at making sure his team is strong and well trained all the way through. A tricky part of being team captain and maintaining such a strong foundation is making sure the whole team has a strong focus and good work ethic. Sometimes freshman come up through the middle...
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